10 Countries For A Low-Budget Vacation

10 Countries For A Low-Budget Vacation

The Home & Away Magazine published a list of 10 places where your staying won’t be too expensive. Airplane tickets would make the biggest part of the expenditures for the suggested travel options but the presence of budgetary air carriers can solve this problem.

1.Bali is a part of Indonesia that annually attracts million of tourists, and this a quite explicable thing: beside of the architectural and natural beauties, this is a place with magnificent hotels and spas where the prices are several times cheaper that in the European hotels of an analogical level.

2. Laos is one of the most economic variants of traveling to South East Asia. This country began to develop its tourism not so long ago that is why the prices are not high for the moment. In Laos the French colonial architecture adjoins in harmony to the Buddhist temples, and a walk along the Mekong River will leave unforgettable impressions.

3. For the time being Vietnam goes through a real flourishing, including the sphere of tourism. The Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh cities attract the amateurs of urban sights, but South Vietnam’s sea resorts are also in great demand nowadays.

4. Holidays in Goa are popular for a long time already, but there also are other places worth to be seen in India, and it won’t cost too much no matter where you go. An itinerary across the Indian “golden triangle” : Delhi- Jaipur – Agra, is suggested for those who prefer to examine the architectural masterpieces instead of laying on a beach.

5. A trip to Zambia is a wonderful option for those who want to combine safari with the survey of one of nature’s legendary wonders: the Victoria Waterfall. There live a lot of wild animals, such as leopards, zebras, giraffes in the National Park of South Luangva.

6. Nowadays Morocco conceded to Tunis the first place of North Africa’s most economic direction, where the tourism infrastructure is quite well developed and the prices are rather reasonable. Tunis is the country of mosques, roman ruins and ancient towns (Carthago is the most famous among them).

7. Honduras is a Central American country that offers great possibilities for eco-tourism such as rafting, camping, and diving. Beside this, Honduras is considered to be one of world’s cheapest places for learning to dive. Also some interesting monuments of May culture have remained here.

8. Guatemala. Russians have already convinces themselves in this country’s potential- during the days when the selection of capitol for Olympic Games 2014 was taking place here, all the channels were showing programs about the unique sights of May epoch and about the picturesque Guatemalan landscapes.

9. Peru is one of South America’s most divers country’s if considering the natural and cultural side. The route from Cuzco to Machu Picchu is the most popular. The number of tourists will increase now, when Machu Picchu has officially become one of World’s new Wonders.

10. Argentina’s currency is even in a worse situation then the dollar. That is why a vacation here is quite cheap for dollar tourists. Places worth to see in Argentina are Buenos-Aires, with its boulevards and tango salons, and the Iguaçu waterfalls, that are located on the border with Brazil.


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